Why Every Page of Your Site Needs a Call-to-Action

Why Every Page of Your Site Needs a Call-to-Action

If your business has a website, it exists for one reason: to drive people into and through your sales funnel. This is true of every single page on your site, from your product information pages to your contact us page. Even your about us information isn’t really about you. It’s about how you can help your customers.

Once you grasp the customer-focused nature of your business’s website, one thing becomes crystal clear: you need a call-to-action (or CTA) on every page (Yes, even your About Us page). Now, you may want to object and say, “But isn’t that overkill? I don’t want to come off sales or pushy.”

No, it’s not pushy. And no, your customers won’t assume you’re a sleazy used car salesman… as long as you approach your CTAs in the right way. If you make sure that your CTAs are meaningful, unique, and relevant to your customers’ needs, then visitors to your site will beg for them.

If you want to create CTAs that connect with your customers and lead them down your sales funnel a step at a time, you’ll want to begin by considering how call-to-actions benefit you and your customers…

Call-To-Action (CTAs) Create Clarity for You & Your Customers

Before you can put together a clear and effective CTA, you’ll need to clarify who you’re trying to reach. Your call-to-action, its wording and design, and its placement on your site will all differ depending on your target market. In addition, you may focus some CTAs on new leads while others will be focused on returning customers. All of this will help you clarify your customer and lead to a more focused and effective marketing strategy.

But clear CTAs don’t just benefit you. They also benefit your customers by allowing them to quickly determine whether you can help them with their problems. This will save you and your leads time and frustration.

Call-To-Action (CTAs) Push Your Leads Through Your Sales Funnel

One of the most essential aspects of any effective marketing plan is a sales funnel that’s tailored for every step of your customer’s journey. For example, most visitors who click on your About Us page will probably be new to you and your services or products. As a result, you’ll want a CTA that will engage people in the awareness stage. Perhaps you could offer a free guide or a coupon for their e-mail address.

On the other hand, if you’re creating a CTA for a sales page, you’ll want to consider options that hit people in the decision stage of the buyer’s journey. Every page of your site can be one step in your sales funnel. And with effective CTAs, you can guide leads down that funnel until they become customers.

Call-To-Actions (CTAs) Communicate Your Brand

Your brand is more than just a logo or color palette. It’s the voice that shines through every aspect of your business – even in your call-to-actions. Rather than copy and pasting a generic call-to-action on each of your pages, tailor them for the page and for your brand identity. This is one of those small details that can make a big impact on how leads and customers perceive you.

So, don’t underestimate the power of a call-to-action on every page of your business’s site. Not only will they help your customers make better decisions, but they can also breathe fresh life into your brand image and voice.

And these are just a few of the benefits that CTAs offer your business. They’ll also increase sales, boost engagement, and strengthen customer relations. As long as your CTAs are well-written and relevant, you can’t have them on too many of your site’s pages.

So, what are you waiting for? Get those CTAs planned, written, and uploaded. You’ve got sales to make!

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