2019’s Best Web Design Practices for a Professional Website Design

In this the article, we are going to help you with a clear vision about best web design practicesThese include, but not limited to color strategy, value propositions appearance, the location of sign up button, bars and popup animations, quality of the pictures used in your website, the position of the search option, locations of social media pages icons, and much more.

Why You Need To Follow Best Web Design Practices?

A common fact that is usually working behind every super prosperous business is a well designed, SEO friendly, eye-catchy website. Your website speaks on behalf of you when a potential customer browses it. An outstanding browsing experience may work as one of the biggest reasons for turning a visitor into a customer.  So, it’s always essential for you to know what makes a website user-friendly and attractive. This is how you’ll be able to raise your business’s credibility.

Apart from these, a professional website design also follows some universal standards like brand, coding, and accessibility standard. Continue reading till the end to get a transparent idea about how you can get your business website designed so that it can award you with the highest conversions. Below is a list of 10 web design best practices that you should implement in your website today for higher conversion and business success.

Location of the Company Logo

This is a big determiner of making your website more visible and allows you to attract organic traffic towards your business website. The logo should be located at the top left corner of all the web pages of the website. It needs to be clickable. This is a universal standard that every web designer follows while designing a website. The reason behind is, the company logo is the representation of your brand and keeping it on every page of your website helps you to keep up the consistency of your brand.  A web designer may help you with predetermined colors, logo, and verbiages that you can use on your website. Always go for the same, as these will apply to the symbolic representation, composition, picture, and videos that have been used in your website.

Smooth Navigation

When a visitor stops by your website and starts browsing, he always expects to fetch the maximum information by investing minimum time. The easy navigation across the top of the website makes the user experience convenient enough, and the visitor will find your site attractive.  The universal standard of web designing says that a good website should allow the main navigation, located at the top of every web page in the area of the header. This allows a top graded horizontal navigation that meets the website standard.

Constructing a Smart and effective CTA

best web design practices for conversion optimization

When you design a website for your business. Your primary target includes dragging massive web traffic towards your business page to advertise them about your products or services. To achieve this goal, you need to build up a compelling call to action strategy. This will help you to get genuine buyers.  CTA is the way that tells your customers what you want them to do next.

Good website designers always take care of the CTA part specifically to serve the purpose of designing a website. They prioritize the CTA alignment at the initial level. “ Contact Us,” “ Learn More,” “Subscribe to Our Newsletter” – these all come under the CTA. These should be designed in a proper way, such as, “Learn More” should be always located at a higher position on the webpage and “contact us” should come just below the “learn more” tab.  “Subscribe to Our Newsletter “should arrive at the bottom-most part. This is considered as one of the best web design practice.

Arranging Carousel

Carousel is nothing but the slide show of the home page. This includes a pivoting series of messages along with images. As per a recent study, almost 33% of the most successful websites follow this as one of the best web design practice. So, take care of this part and choose the best-fit images and messages for your visitors depending on the type of your business.  Remember, the first message that appears in front of your visitor is the overall impression of your brand to him.  So, do not forget to work a little harder on this particular part.

Page Loading Speed

You need to be extra careful on this particular part. Your sale may drop at a noticeable amount in case your web page loads in a higher time than usual.  A fraction of seconds is vital. Most of us expect desperately that the webpage we are visiting will load in less than two seconds and a good number of visitors leave the site if it takes more than three seconds to load. So, check the best practices to reduce the web page loading time.

Try to use a Content Delivery Network that works with a website’s static files such as Javascript, CSS, and images. Then it directly throws them in the server’s bucket close to the user’s location.  In this way, it works efficiently with the capability of loading a page swiftly.

Use the latest image format to reduce the size of the images on your website. It is useful in saving the bandwidth and decreases the weight of the pictures. Naturally, it helps to reduce the page loading time.

Keep an eye on your website plugins. These are used to add new and latest functionalities to your site. However, the more plugins your website has, the more time it takes to load. So, manage your plugins in such a way that it can effectively work in both adding functionalities and loading the page in minimum time.

You can also save the numbers of the byte that any webpage sends over the network by compressing your resources.  All you need to do is an excellent content optimization and create a proper consistency of the coding of HTML and CSS. This will help you with the required compression that a web page needs to load a little faster.  You can easily take professional help to perform this action.

Concentrate on SEO

SEO is the hero of good web design practices. This is the determiner of the volume of organic traffic towards your website. The SEO promotion is not anymore a preference for any business; it has turned into vitality. It works on the method to increase the search ranking of a web page so that the online visibility of the same also increases.

As per the trend, almost 93% of online involvements begin with the search tool, and around 50% of them prefer to check anyone among the first two or three classifies. From these statistics, it’s straightforward to understand that to generate a substantial quantity of traffic towards your business website, and you need an SEO service necessarily.

SEO companies perform several checks like the content quality of your web page, content length, social media links on your website, web page loading speed, schema markups, mobile responsiveness, visitor intent, presence of related backlinks on your web page and much more. They also take care of the fact that indexed pages can come up on the top of a search list and acts accordingly. So, opting out the right SEO solution from a professional will always help you to increase the visibility of the website.  That is why it has been considered as one of the best web design practices.

Email Advertising

Email marketing is one of the most traditional practices of marketing and advertising that is playing an active role in terms of the successful marketing venture over a decade. It keeps you and your customers in touch.  You should equip your website with synchronization of the email marketing system.  Locating the email address in the header or the footer will increase the effectiveness of your marketing effort. Try to keep this in mind while you design your website as this comes under a good practice of web design as per recent trends.

Check for Social Media Icons

Nowadays, social media is one of the most powerful platforms of online marketing.  They are quite useful in advertising brands and driving contents. Every website today contains the option of linking your social media account to the particular website.  Placing the icon of linking social media in the footer of the site will help you with the numbers of visitors who prefer to link their social media account to websites.

Placing them in the footer has a particular significance. Generally, clicking on those icons takes away the visitor in an external link. So, if you put them at the header and the user clicks on it before reading the main contents of the website, he may not come back to the site again. However, placing them at the footer will help them to go through the main content, and then they will be able to promote you via social media by clicking on the icons. This will increase the particular user’s interest in the product or service you are offering.  So, it is now almost standardized to set those icons at the footer of any web page, and it comes under the consideration of one of the best web design practice.

Check if your Website is a ‘responsive’ one

web design best practices for every device

‘Responsive’ websites refer to such websites that are accessible from any device such as a mobile, laptop, computer, or tablets.  These websites follow the “mobile first index” as per the announcement of Google in 2018. These websites support different layouts so that they can be readily displayed on a desktop or laptop and a mobile screen also.  With the responsive design system, they can change their layouts.

These websites use fluid grids. The page ingredients are accordingly sized by proportion instead of pixels. These are specially enabled with the capability of resizing images and videos according to the size of the screen.

These websites are, of course, more appreciated by the users as they don’t have a limited audience target. Undoubtedly, designing a functional, responsive website will help your business with a more significant amount of conversions. So, before you go ahead and design your website, please tell your designer to add this particular attribute. This is one of the best and trendy web design practice these days.

The color scheme must match your brand

Apart from the above, one more thing that comes under best web design practice is the color scheme of your website. As discussed earlier, your website is the image of your brand in front of the users. Due to this. It is always required to take enough care of the appearance of your website, which includes the proper color contrast. The background and the text colors of the website should tally with each other. There must not be any difficulty for the users when they stats to read the website content because of uneven background and text colors.

If your site looks great, the visitor will be able to remember the contents.  Our eyes work as an indicator that sends a message to the brain if anything seems too much attractive to them. You need to follow this simple theory to get the highest response from the users.

Are you equipped with all of the above Best Web Design Practices?

If your website isn’t equipped with any of the above web design practices, it’s the time for you to reach out to Wowbix web designers. Our professionals can get your website designed in such a way that can drag and hold the maximum number of traffic and turn your visitors into your potential customers. We’ll make sure to create your new website in a way that follows the standard of best web designing practices. This will help you to get a boost in your turn over from your business.

Also, if you still have any question about web design practices, leave a comment below or contact us for a free consultation.

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