7 Video SEO Tips to Improve Your Video Presense

7 Video SEO Tips to Improve Your Video Presense

The mechanism of SEO has changed significantly over the past few years due to technological advancements. And now, video SEO is becoming more prevalent than conventional SEO methods. It is now considered a strategy to increase your presence and brand recognition amongst consumers.

Marketers use video SEO to optimize their videos to be ranked high on search engine outcomes for specific keyword explorations. As more people prefer to watch videos instead of reading long flyers and companies are more intrigued by the overwhelming responses received. The art of videography is more accessible with the help of YouTube videos and requires a little creativity. That’s why it is more convenient than another SEO service.

Video SEO Best Practices & Strategies

There are several best video SEO tips to improve your video presence. We will share some of these video secrets of success with you. Some of these techniques are:

1. Optimizing the Choice of Video Hosting Platform

It is imperative to choose the right platform to display your video message. It all boils down to your marketing goals to provide your business and online presence. If you intend to develop awareness about your brand, the better platform to adopt is YouTube and Vimeo. When your video is indexed, people will view it through that medium which will increase traffic on that platform instead of your website; however, if you are focused on improving the traffic for your website. You have to choose the hosting platform carefully. You can use Wisita, which inserts the SEO metadata to increase the likelihood of your indexed file.

2. Power of Video Transcript

Many companies do not care about adding a video transcript in the file as they believe it’s not worth investing in. This notion is wrong. The audience concentrates a lot at times on the transcript of the video. Mostly if they cannot watch it load or have a hearing impairment. It is not helpful to address the needs of a greater audience. But also helps the search bots to scrap your video with additional text on the page.

3. Appealing Thumbnail Image

Using thumbnails is imperative because the video thumbnail is something a viewer sees when indexing your video. It is like a book cover or your website’s homepage. It carries a significant value because the viewer will decide to watch the video based on an attractive thumbnail image. You must use your creative skills to make this image more relevant, engaging, and compelling to the user. According to SEO experts, the thumbnail image is a pertinent factor in the viewership of your videos. The image’s relevance carries a lot of value as it will appear on the screen whenever someone types something related to your business or video.

4. Tell your Story from Enticing Title and Description

The video’s title will tell you the story of what’s inside the virtual gift box of this video. It plays a critical role in ranking your videos like blog posts. The keyword has to be decided carefully to ensure your target recipients receive your message. It would be best to consider relating the page to the video and augmented SEO. Your video might be extraordinary, and you have gathered all your best resources to produce it. But it might not be ranked because of an awful page attached to it.

A higher ranking is directly proportional to the well-maintained content, and no compromise is made on the technical quality of the SEO constitutes. Please do not give a generic description to a particular brand-related video, as it is thrown out and ends up low in the ranking. Keep the report and video side by side, and ask yourself whether it is relevant. It is imperative to use the correct description so that your hard work on video production and editing is not wasted.

5. Embedding Video in the Correct Place

Adding more than one video on a page is not the best approach, as Google indexes the first video. If you have multiple videos attached to the page of your website, then you have to ensure that it is ranked first. One video on a page is the best strategy to attract the users’ attention and avoid clutter on your webpage. Read more on web design best practices.

6. Centralize Your Video

The users will not waste time scrolling down the page to find the real stuff. You have to position your video so that it accurately lands in front of the eyes of your target audience. The ranks of the video will also decrease if it is hidden, and the search engine crawlers will not be able to find it. People are not so much concerned about finding the video in the clutter of your website. So, assigning your video to the right place is pertinent. You will not want your video to have lower play rates because of visibility issues. The optimal way to emphasize your video is to make it the theme and focus of your web page.

7. Embedding Video at Multiple places

Displaying videos at multiple locations is like playing football with yourself, as it will bounce back on you. It is because competing with yourself on the internet doesn’t make any sense. If you have followed all the above instructions on correctly promoting your video and getting a higher rank. Then there is no need to place it on several websites, which is against the logic.


You might have invested energy, hard work, and money in producing your video, expecting optimal results. But it will all be wasted if the video cannot connect with your audience and doesn’t pose any relevance to your marketing strategy. Fortunately, there are video SEO specialized agencies such as Wowbix & Telegenic Marketing whom you can contact to get your Video SEO done.