SEO Tips for Law Firms

SEO Tips For Law Firms To Increase Leads & Website Traffic

Those days are gone when the client used to come knocking on your office door. Now people want to know about your expertise before they step in your firm. Digital marketing has become one of the most effective ways to increase your demand in the world of law. The most promising technique of digital marketing is considered to be SEO. We know that you may not be aware of how you can make SEO more effective. Below are some of the SEO Tips for Law Firms that you can use to increase the virtual traffic on your law firm’s website.

Increase the Website Speed

No one likes sites that take hours to load a single page. The speed at which your site uploads influences your ranking on the search engine as well as your client’s experience. Even a second delay can reduce your traffic by 11 percent. Moreover, your potential client will waste no time in finding a faster loading lawyer’s website.

Mostly, images, videos, and layout may cause your website to load like a turtle. Reduce their sizes and simplify your website design. To check the loading speed, use Google’s Pagespeed Insights tool. Just enter the URL and let the tool do the work.

Register on Google My Business

You have to let people know that you exit the digital universe. One of the best ways to do that is to register yourself on Google My Business. Google My Business is known for effecting your local SEO. The registration process may take some time because of the address confirmation process. You have to wait for a postcard to arrive at your given address. Receive it, and you will be visible on a virtual map.

The most common mistake lawyers make is that they register themselves in generalized terms such as lawyers or attorneys. Becoming part of the top three search results may be impossible with these words. Describe your firm in a more specific category like Criminal Defense Attorney.

Add Some Reviews

Everyone wants to know whether your firm is trustworthy or not before they come to you for legal advice. No one wants an amateur to handle their case. Ask your clients to leave a review about how well you handle the case. Everyone will like to see those golden stars on your site.

To get reviews, you can send a follow-up email including the link to your Google My Business. You can also send them the link to PlePer’s Google Review to make the reviewing process easier.

You can also advertise your law firm on Yelp. Yelp is to be one of the most trustworthy reviewing sites. Satisfy your client with your services, and he won’t hesitate to give you 5 stars.

Become the Best Lawyer

Establishing a law firm is not an easy task, especially when you have just received your professional degree. People always prefer lawyers who have some experience in the courts. SEO is an efficient way to make clients know about you. Make a website and modify it by following SEO rules.

Getting a website to load fast as well as getting it ranked on Google can be a complicated process, especially for someone with zero knowledge of web design & SEO. Fortunately, some digital marketing agencies are specialized in Lawyer Marketing. Reaching out to these firms is highly recommended to increase your website traffic for the related keywords. If you need any help with your SEO, contact our NJ SEO Company today!

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