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A Restaurant Marketing Agency in NJ That Meets Your Needs

Wowbix is a NJ-based restaurant marketing agency that specializes in empowering restaurants of every size with the digital marketing tools they need to succeed. We have years of experience in helping restaurants attract new customers and build long-lasting relationships with old ones using the latest marketing technology and techniques.

Robust Digital Marketing: Your Restaurant’s Recipe for Success

“What should we have for dinner?” It’s an age-old question that gets asked every day by thousands of people in your town. And many of those people use Google to discover the answer.

If your restaurant has an effective digital marketing strategy in place, it will be much more likely to be discovered during those Google searches. And with Wowbix, you can build the kind of online presence that connects with customers and brings them back again and again.

Our experience in web design, SEO, ppc management for ad campaigns, and other digital marketing technologies allows us to create the perfect recipe for your restaurant’s future success.

Our restaurant marketing agency in NJ provides a variety of services, including…

Restaurant Brand Development NJ

A strong brand is the foundation for any major restaurant marketing initiative. Without a compelling brand, your restaurant will be less likely to attract new customers and experience fewer repeat customers. We can help you create a cohesive brand across all physical and digital channels, including an attractive logo, easy-to-follow menus, consistent designs and typography, and more.

If you own or manage a business, you may assume that a website is less important than it would be for an online retailer. And while that may be true to some degree, having a well-designed website is still essential for any local restaurant. It’s the go-to place for potential customers to discover more about your restaurant and its offerings. And with Wowbix, you can have a website that’s designed to be found and to bring customers through your door.

Restaurant Web design & development
Restaurant Search Engine Optimization.

Local SEO is vital for restaurants. When people search for “restaurants near me”, you want your restaurant to be at the very top. We have the experience and skilled needed to develop a local SEO strategy that will drive more organic traffic to your restaurants site, boosting sales and reducing the need for paid ads.

While organic traffic should be every restaurant’s primary goal, there are times when paid ad campaigns are exactly what you need to edge out the competition. PPC ads can be particularly effective if you’re promoting a limited-time event. And we can help you put together an ad campaign that makes the most of every marketing dollar.

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Restaurant Social Media Marketing NJ

Social media is the number one place for discovering local restaurants and finding reviews. With Wowbix, your restaurant can enjoy a social media marketing strategy that’s designed to connect with people in your community and bring them through your front door.

Restaurant Marketing Case Study

As a restaurant marketing agency in NJ, we’ve helped dozens of restaurants just like yours extend their reach and develop deeper connections with their customers. Here are some examples of how we’ve accomplished it…

td-image-pattern Restaurant Marketing Case Study​ NJ

#1: Cooking Up a Website Redesign that Customers Can Taste…

The Client:

A New Jersey-based Mediterranean café that was hoping to boost organic traffic, and ultimately increases foot traffic.

The Challenge:

Before coming to us, our client did not have a website. Instead, they had settled for a social media presence that offered a photographed menu and a handful of posts. They realized that they needed a website if they were going to rank on Google. So, they came to us with the hope that we’d be able to design a website for their restaurant that would attract new customers and make their business more visible to those in the community.

Our Solution:

Before we made any decisions about their site’s design, we learned everything we could about our client’s restaurant, including its offerings and target market. Then, we developed a website that made ample use of high-resolution photographs of their food. We simplified the navigation, making it easy to browse their menu, find their location, and even order delivery. The final result was a site that was simple but compelling.

The Results:

Our client’s site quickly crawled up the Google rankings, reaching page one for many important keywords within a few months. As a result, they were able to pull back on their paid advertising budget without hurting sales. They’ve especially enjoyed the integrations that we included with their delivery partners (Grub Hub, Uber Eats, and Door Dash). Not only has our client seen an increase in foot traffic, but they’ve also seen their delivery sales go up.

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