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Wowbix offers what you need to boost brand awareness, amplify your listings’ reach, and bring buyers directly to your doorstep. As a leading real estate SEO agency, we’ve helped countless real estate agents develop compelling sites and listings that rank well and grab the attention of prospective buyers. And we can do the same for you.

How We Help Real Estate Businesses?

We can help your site find a new home on page one of the search results!

You could be selling the White House at a bargain-basement price, but if you’re not in the top 10 Google search results, it won’t matter. Your listing might as well not exist. No amount of professional photography or persuasive copywriting can save a listing that’s never seen.

But you don’t have to settle for obscurity.

As one of the leading real estate marketing agencies in NJ, Wowbix can help your business find its new online home on page one of the Google search results!

Our real estate marketing agency provides a variety of services, including…

Real estate Brand Development NJ
Like your home’s interior, your brand defines your style and values. That’s why it’s not enough to simply have a flashy logo or a warm color scheme. Your site needs to communicate who you are through everything on it – from the images chosen to your text’s formatting. And we can help you craft a comprehensive brand image that let’s people know who you are and why you’re their best choice.
We’ve spent years building solid, responsive websites that meet the needs of residential and commercial real estate agents alike. We’ll put together a blueprint for your digital presence that includes everything you need, from a mobile-ready site to SEO-friendly content. Then, we’ll construct the perfect online home for you – with a new address on page one of Google’s search results.
Real estate website design NJ
No one wants to pay for every person who visits your site. That’s why organic traffic is the ultimate prize. But you don’t have time to optimize your site for Google and Bing. You’ve got houses to sell. We can tailor your SEO strategy so that your site ends up at the very top of the search results and automatically generates leads.

Organic traffic is the foundation for any comprehensive real estate digital marketing effort. But when you need to drive traffic to your site fast – nothing beats a well-designed PPC campaign. And since they offer total control over every aspect of your ad along with detailed analytics, they’re a great way to test new content and ideas.

real estate ppc nj
Thousands of people discover their perfect homes on Facebook and Instagram every year. So, if you aren’t taking advantage of at least one of these platforms, you’re missing out on business. As one of NJ’s top real estate lead generation agency, we’ve got the know-how you need to stand out on every social media platform available – and bring prospective buyers to your front door.

Well-planned, high quality videos/pictures can make your perfect home listing even better. Whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness or get a house sold fast, videos & images can help. And we can help you plan, shoot, and edit photo & video content that engages people and compels them to make a move.

Real Estate photo video agency nj

Real Estate Marketing Case Study

As an agency that specializes in real estate marketing in NJ, we’ve helped dozens of residential and commercial real estate agents get their listings seen by the right prospective buyers. Here are some examples of how we’ve done it…
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A Redesign that Boosted Traffic 400% & Generates New Leads Each Month

The Client: A major player in the commercial, industrial, and investment real estate markets of Bergen County, NJ and the surrounding areas.

The Challenge: They came to us with a poorly formatted, dated website that looked as if it hadn’t been touched since the mid-2000s. Even worse, it wasn’t responsive at all, making it a nightmare to navigate on a mobile device or small tablet. And as if all that wasn’t bad enough, they didn’t even have the ability to add property listings to it themselves. In short, it was an unmitigated disaster.

Our Solution: From the moment we saw it, we realized that it would need to be rebuilt from scratch. Since we wanted them to be able to easily add fully customizable listings, we chose to build their site using WordPress. This not only allowed them to make changes and update listings, it also ensured that it was completely mobile friendly and fully responsive. After finishing the redesign, we provided free tutorials on Zoom to show them how to run the entire backend – from updating images to adding and removing property listings.

The Results: After everything was in place, they were so pleased with the way it all turned out that they hired us to continue managing their site, including updating listings, maintaining web security, and producing high quality, SEO-friendly content. After our first year working with them, their web traffic increased an astounding 400% and they’re getting new leads every month about the properties on their website as well as their management and brokerage services.

Wowbix Partners.

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