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12 Reasons Why Personalized Content Drives More Sales

Every business strives to increase its sales. And what better way to do that than to personalize your content and improve your content marketing strategy? If you are still doubting the effectiveness of content personalization, here are twelve reasons why personalized content drives more sales.

  1. Do More with Your Data

  2. Instead of using the data you collect only for constructing your advertising campaign, you can also use it to personalize your content. As reported by Econsultancy, content personalization is rarely taken seriously. In fact, only 7% of organizations have stated that it is their number one priority. Don’t follow the example of these companies. Use your data to personalize content and make the most out of it.

  3. Provide Consumers with More Relevancy

  4. According to research by Infosys, many consumers wish that their shopping experiences were way more personalized. Your audience wants relevancy, and if you don’t give it to them, they quickly get discouraged and stop engaging with your content and your business in general. Personalizing your content will make it more relevant to your consumers. And consequently, it will make them more interested in interacting with you in some way.

  5. Consumers Want To Give Away Data for Relevancy

  6. Going hand in hand with the previous point, getting data from your customers is a lot easier than you may think because your audience is willing to give you data in exchange for relevancy. Research by SalesForce suggests that the majority of consumers are willing to share personal data in exchange for personalized offers or discounts. This means that by offering such rewards and gifts in exchange for your audience’s personal data, you will not only be profiting from it yourself but also leaving your customers satisfied.

  7. Generate Uplift Across All Channels

  8. Personalized content is not limited to one channel only. In fact, anything from personalized CTAs on your site to individual emails can generate uplift. This means that personalizing your content will improve the conversions and sales you get from various channels. “For example, if you are looking to improve your video marketing campaign, personalizing it will be as successful as if you’d want to improve your email marketing. In both cases, personalized content will generate uplift and you will see an increase in conversions and sales.” – explains Marie Fincher, writer at SupremeDissertations.

  9. Improve Your Email Strategy

  10. As mentioned above, personalizing your emails yields great results. Research by One Spot suggests that more than half of email marketers deem dynamic content as the most effective and efficient personalization tactic in use. Dynamic content, also known as adaptive content, is a type of web content that changes depending on the behaviour, preferences, and interests of the user. By using dynamic content in your emails, you will be able to improve your email strategy in a way that will double or triple your conversions and, consequently, sales.

  11. Offer a Clear Value Exchange

  12. As mentioned in point number three, consumers want to give away their data in exchange for relevancy. Moreover, they want to see that you are offering them a clear value exchange and not trying to trick them into buying or consuming something that will turn out to be worthless. But despite all of this, you must understand the boundaries of what is personalized and what is an invasion of your customers’ privacy. Try not to go overboard with content personalization as some consumers may feel like you know too much about them and will want to escape you.

  13. Drive Impulse and Repeat Purchases

  14. Why do consumers want to have a personalized shopping experience? Because they want to have a positive impression of your brand. When they realize, even on a subconscious level, that they felt happy and satisfied when they were making a purchase on your site or completing any other action, they will want to come back to try doing it again. This will result in your one-time customers becoming loyal clients as well as persuading random visitors to make impulse purchases.

  15. Build Deeper Long-Term Relationships

  16. While one-time buyers are important, developing lasting relationships with your repeat customers is even more so. According to a study by Evergage, personalization is known to strengthen customer relationships and improve customer experience. Establishing a connection with your customers is crucial for creating a customer base that will serve you for years ahead. These clients will relate to you and will want to get to know you better. Try to position yourself as an authority in your field.

  17. Add Value

  18. With relevant content, there may still arise a very acute problem which is the absence of value. Personalizing your content means that you will be using information in it that will be useful and valuable to the reader.

  19. Stand Out of the Crowd

  20. As mentioned before, not many businesses view personalization as the number one priority. In fact, many forget about it completely. Logically, by personalizing your content, you will be able to set yourself apart from everyone else. And stand out of the crowd as someone who is serious about what they are doing.

  21. Help Customers Make the Right Choice

  22. Sometimes, your potential buyers don’t become your customers simply because they don’t know what to purchase. By personalizing the content on your website. You will be able to guide them and help them make the right choice. Giving them advice as to what will be more suitable for them will allow them to be more confident about their purchase.

  23. Give Your Business Identity

Last but not least, personalized content will always have a voice. This voice is the voice of your company which will give your business identity. Through personalization, you will be able to convey messages that will reflect your organization’s values and priorities.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, personalized content definitely has many benefits that you will profit from once you decide to implement this practice in your content marketing strategy. Carefully review all the points in this article and you will see that personalizing your content is the way to go if you want to increase sales.

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About the Author: Kristin Savage nourishes, sparks and empowers using the magic of a word. Along with pursuing her degree in Creative Writing. Kristin was gaining experience in the publishing industry. With expertise in marketing strategy for publishers and authors. Now she works as a freelance writer at WoWGrade and PickTheWriter. Kristin runs her own FlyWriting blog.