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At Wowbix, we believe in the power of non-profits to make an impact and effect change. That’s why we’ve spent years studying cutting-edge digital marketing techniques to help educational, medical, and other non-profits be heard. Let us help you make a difference by developing and strengthening your NJ-based non-profit’s digital presence.

Connect with Donors. Meet Your Next Volunteers. Help Your Clients.

Non-profits need to build connections with a wide variety of stakeholders, from donors and other partners to clients and community leaders. And while you can do it the old-fashioned way, the internet has made it possible to build strong networks without knocking on doors or making hundreds of cold calls.

The team at Wowbix has experience with helping NJ-based non-profits build the networks they need to function with the latest digital technologies, such as video marketing, SEO, and more.

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Our non-profit marketing agency in NJ provides a variety of services, including…

Non-profit Brand Development NJ

If you think that brand management is only for retailers and other for-profit businesses, you’re wrong. Non-profits can benefit from comprehensive, strategic brand management even more than for-profit businesses since they function completely on their messaging and brand story. If people are going to give and volunteer, they need to have a clear vision of why your non-profit matters. We’ll work with you to develop a compelling brand that connects with partners and clients more effectively.

Having a well-designed, easy-to-navigate website is one of the most essential ingredients for any non-profit’s online presence. If you want your non-profit to connect with donors, volunteers, clients, and your community more successfully, it all starts with a website that grabs their attention and communicates why your message matters.

Non-Profit Web design NJ
Non-Profit Search Engine Optimization NJ

If you work with a non-profit, you don’t have money to waste. That’s why you need to take full advantage of SEO for maximum organic traffic. We can help you develop a strong SEO strategy that drives your site up the Google search results and ensure you don’t spend a penny more on advertising than you absolutely have to.

While organic traffic is ideal, paid traffic is sometimes a necessity. But non-profits don’t have the marketing budget to carelessly throw at PPC campaigns. You need to make every dollar count. We’ll setup and optimize your PPC ads so that they connect with your target market and make the most of every cent.

Non-Profit PPC

Social media is one of the absolute best places to connect with others. And if you’re involved in a non-profit, then you know how important it is to build a network of contacts, from donors and volunteers to clients. With our social media marketing services, we’ll help you develop a robust social media strategy that builds the connections your non-profit needs.

Online video is one of the most powerful and effective ways to connect with others. You can use it to inform, educate, and entertain – or to do all three at once. At Wowbix, we have the skills, tools, and knowledge needed to create compelling video content. We can help your non-profit implement a video marketing strategy that communicates your message and compels people to respond.

Non-Profit Video Production​

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