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Top GOAT Medical Practice Marketing Strategies

Getting some analyzed medical practice marketing ideas, via multiple search engines, maybe a bad idea. In addition, investing half your day on hectic HARO (Help a reporter out) may not be easy. What about infusing expensive training into your staffs’ genes? Expensive you say.

Now it gets bitterer when your benchmark expectations like; an enhanced reputation, increased mark share, higher cash flow, top-notch reputation management fail.

What to do? What are the best ideas for marketing medical practices & why? Well, Sit down, grab a cup of coffee and read this article to the end. Because in this article, I will reveal the only medical practice marketing strategies that truly work.

Not just that! Each what to do & what not to do section is followed by an infographic. Keep reading!

8 Strategies That You Should Follow in Medical Practice Marketing

The easy-to-practice marketing strategies for physicians below goes beyond every Doctor’s expectations. They are the ultimate guide for marketing success. They will wheel you toward a sound medical line reputation management. No beating around the bush, let’s dive around the formalities immediately.

1. Website/Blog:

Your online presence contributes immensely to growing your medical practice. This is not new (I hear you say) but you’re not doing your website design the right way. Designing a website/ blog is the root of all successful medical website marketing; an overall failure bangs in even on super-talented physicists with a well-designed online site missing out of their best marketing strategies. While considering a good site, characteristics like; high loading speed for mobile devices, beauty on mobile devices and PC, and drop-dead contents, is the determinant.

Platforms that are gold mines of web design experts are Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr, also there are some agencies offering affordable medical website design. However, maintaining a good blog/web, top-notch freelancers from platforms mentioned above for contents like images, articles, videos, and weekly newsletter expos you to the over 10 billion medical patients on the net.

2. Medical Practice Social Media Marketing:

My team and I parted ways for two weeks, on research for a kill-joy technique for attracting new patients. But we went beyond our expectations. Each of our members came up with the best ideas for marketing medical practices. And from our long list of findings, social media marketing for medical practices ranked the highest. We hereby recommend seamless social networking & marketing, which can be achieved by creating a relevant Facebook and Instagram page, and linking them to your blog.

This is a sure way of constructing a network of two strong bridges, flooded with potential patients that end up on your site. This is so because each time an interesting medical content gets published on your site, it automatically appears on those pages for billions of people to read. Since it’s a more-read-more-patients hack, running a weekly fitness challenge with a smart Facebook Advertising adds a cube of sugar to the tea.

3. Online Profile:

As a medical practitioner, harnessing those online profiles is not too shabby. A well-ironed online profile is a magnet to draw all the sick nails in. Hassle-free and efficient, begin by sending private messages to your friend list. Support that with regular sought-after medical updates on your timeline and watch your benchmark data grow fast.

As sulking patients meet you for the health fair, leave with faces brimmed with the joy of better health, encourage them to grace your profile with reviews and success stories. By sharing their tantalizing patient experience on your profile, your magnet extends toward new patients. The territory expands. However, an endeavor to include rare physician practices on a marketing plan is a straight-shot.

Since you will be receiving positive reviews, on the other hand, poor medical practice leave a bad impression on every potential patient. Furthermore, these potential patients will stain your reputation management with negative reviews.

4. Medical Practice Press Release:

The best mistake most health experts make is sending out representatives for TV program invitation. Supported by my team, we found out where good marketing strategies go wrong. Fortunately, we’ve sorted things out in the next header. Being resourceful is as important as being readily available for journalistic exposal.

Submitting in-depth useful articles to every local press, demanding radio program invitation, and grabbing every Press Release opportunity forms effective outreach for attracting patients.

A popular personal online magazine owned by you is a fair trade. Assurance should be made on journalist exposure when submitting an article for publication.

5. Referrals:

The goal never changes for every medical practice marketing activities. However, it goes beyond mere products and services of medical internet marketing. Targeting, continuously, large referrals is the door no medical personnel can open without good health care services. Think of it, would you refer me to an incompetent doctor who broke your scrotum? Or rather make sure no one gets hurt by him anymore?

Meet other ranking physicians, grow good relationships with them, and ask them for referrals. Now working it out to drive a selling-hard specialist to give you juicy referrals may be difficult, what to do? Stretch-out tempting offers like digging into their problems, find solutions, and make a deal.

6. Medical Practice PPC Marketing:

Facebook and Instagram form about 60% of the internet. While other social media, blogs, and sites tug-a-war over the remaining 40%. So? It goes beyond the sick people, everybody invests in health improvement.

So, therefore, get your medical center upfront 2.5 billion people on Facebook, and 1.2 billion people on Twitter. They both sum up to a large number on your benchmark data, of course.

The good news is, none of these Ads, unlike google advertising, will make you splash out much cash from your wallet.

7. Medical Practice SEO Marketing:

Every marketing and advertising effort starts and ends here, online. Leaving SEO out of any physician practice marketing is the big last straw that breaks the most expensive health care resolution back.

What is healthcare SEO?

Simply put, search engine optimization is a series of internet activities required to drive patients in large crowds, not to the doorstep of your website but to break into your door, begging for whatever health care packages you have in store.

Who can do SEO on a medical website?

Search engine optimization can be self-done if you have the spine; in fact, there’re loads of free SEO tools and paid search engine optimization tools all over the web today. Best SEO toolset plans are available on Ahrefs, SEMrush, and MOZ which are the perfect GOAT kill-joy of medical practice marketing strategies. Want it done for you? There’re some great SEO consultants like Coalition Technologies, PatientHook, Neil Patel, and Wowbix capable of both local SEO and international optimization.

8. Email Marketing:

Have the biggest taste of all innovative medical marketing ideas by merely dipping your lab coat in email marketing rich waters. Email marketing is easy; however, most health care personnel get it wrong. Focusing on email list growth is not the way otherwise a drop-dead email marketing strategy is within the circle of an active email list.

What is the average open rate for medical practice marketing emails?

Across all industries, the average open rate for the second quarter of 2016 was 25%. (Source)

So, have a start by sending direct mail to a long list for 2 weeks, rich direct mail I mean, and at the weekend, find out your mail openers. Tools for email marketing optimization include Hubspot, htmlemailcheck, and Emailonacid.

Infographic: Things you should do in Medical Practice Marketing

5 Strategies That You Should Avoid in Medical Practice Marketing

All medical office marketing yields nothing or gives a short-term patient retention result if these mistakes are not avoided;

1. Content strategy issues:

Patients want to read benefiting and easy-to-read content. Our health is our life and we don’t want to be misguided. The only way to show your online patients your qualifications is not by CV/resume submission.

Don’t chase your competitors; be confident enough to show the world how well you are by providing relevant blog posts on your blog and through emails. Overall, empower your content strategy.

2. Poor website management:

The medical practice marketing strategies in the previous header are reliable marketing for doctors like you. The most important of them is the website which I laid much emphasis on, sadly you may fall back into the pit by neglect it perhaps because you feel the struggle is over.

Keep throwing out all the energies and time into that website, it’s a lifetime investment and your competitors are investing too, and yes, the big gold goes to the highest bidder.

3. Poor blog management:

Once up, never relax. According to our researches, almost every medical organization with quality innovative healthcare marketing ideas fetches 78% potential patients through a well-managed-blog. The bitter truth is, working in the office and blogging may be difficult.

Blogging requires continuous deep attention and keeping an eye on any other thing is impossible. To overcome this problem, employ an experienced freelancer in the medical field.

Scroll back to the first bullet of the heading titled; “Things you should do in Medical Practice Marketing” to see the best sources for freelancers.

4. Lack of sales process for inbound phone calls:

Heads up! Your medical office marketing is getting burnt at the edge while you slack. Washing the hands off the meal of a strategized adequate inbound phone call will shortly return a blooming healthcare organization to the bud. Keep marketing your medical practice by either upgrading that inbound phone calls service or maintaining your stand to your patients.

Inbound phone call management is among the most crucial marketing strategies, especially for urgent medical care.

5. Trying to look big:

This problem is the biggest but less paid attention to. Never feel relaxed because there’re dogs on your tail and the rat race is never-ending. Neglecting email marketing, stopping your initial carrying out of following up, as well as sitting away from referral outreach, all of this marks the beginning of your downfall.

Remember the saying; the fight starts just when you’re winning? After working it to the top with what you’ve read here, expand your horizon, and get more efficient strategies for medical practice marketing. Because your competitors will get here, readjust what you’ve read, and make it work for them just like you did.

Infographics: Things you shouldn't do in medical practice marketing

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