Importance of Digital Marketing

Importance of Digital Marketing for Businesses in 2023

We all hate Gary Vaynerchuk! We hate this New Jersey boy for using too many foul words in his talk. Perhaps he gets overwhelmed by success and motivation, which is his style. But we love him a lot too! For him nagging and consistently urging us to start thinking about the importance of digital marketing.

And this is what this blog post is all about! We will see why digital marketing is essential and will become almost inevitable for any business in 2023.

It does not matter whether you sell products or services online or offline! You get digital marketing campaigns on all important social media channels and Google!

Not convinced yet?

Here are all the reasons to pull your socks and get into comprehensive digital marketing strategies.

Statistics Say It All

Let’s say you’re not convinced that marketing on Facebook or Google is just as good as doing the same on Television.


We will get to the traffic stats later. Let us see how much a TV commercial can cost you.

On average, a 30 seconds TV commercial in the USA costs $200 to $1500, based on the area and the popularity of the network.

Facebook charges you, more or less, $0.11 per 30 seconds.

Do you see the disparity?

You might wonder whether Facebook gets as much attention as an extensive national TV network in the USA. Because paying Facebook is not worth it if Facebook is not getting traffic closer to the viewers of any extensive TV network.

How would you like it if we compared Facebook to Fox News? Interesting, right?

Fox News, one of the oldest and biggest TV networks in the USA, gets, on average, 2.24 million viewers.

Compare this to Facebook, and you will learn that Facebook has more than 1.56 billion monthly active users.

Yes! Digital Media left behind the print and electronic media while you were sleeping.

Why I Brought Gary Vaynerchuk into This?

You must be turning sides in your couch or chair and thinking, why did I bring Gary Vaynerchuk into this blog post?


For starters, he’s a huge digital marketing expert and inspiration for digital marketers and entrepreneurs interested in digital marketing (Like Me).


This is not why I’ve mentioned Vaynerchuck in this blog post. I recently watched him speak with people who were into entrepreneurship and digital marketing, and he proved the importance of digital marketing.

Here’s the video:

In this video, Gary says that video ads on social media should not be made like TV commercials. He believes that digital media is ahead of electronic media, just like electronic media was ahead of print media.

Why does a Real-Life Business Needs Online Marketing?

But why do I need to try online marketing methods while my business is real-life?

I do not sell over social media or have a website, so why do I need Facebook?

Well, this is a legit question. However, you forgot that while you decided to keep your business “offline,” your customers have gone online.

As a matter of fact, at the beginning of 2016, the number of internet users crossed a milestone and reached 3.2 billion people figure.

Out of them, 2 billion people are from developed countries. This means that if your business is anywhere in the USA, Canada, Europe, the Gulf, China, or Australia. Your target customers are already using the internet – while you don’t.

However, this is not the killer stat that will bring you from offline business to online presence. Let me talk about that stat; you will see the bigger picture.

60% of these 3+ billion people use the internet on their smartphones. This means that they use the internet to make buying decisions as well.

From buying baby diapers to dining out, people Google everything. But this is still not the killer stat that will make you feel like a loser if you do not get into PPC AdWords or Facebook advertising.

The killer state comes from Business Insider.

As per this post, 13% of US citizens who use mobile phone apps out of 3+ billion internet users use Facebook apps, while 12% use Google’s apps, e.g., Gmail and Google Drive, etc.

Statista says the number of US users of smartphones is 224.3 million.

This means that 22 million US smartphone users use Google Apps, and a more significant number use Facebook and Facebook Messenger apps.

Think about it:

22 million+ of your target audience use smartphones and Facebook/Google apps. Would you like to reach out to them with the most conversion-oriented videos, photos, and content?

Importance of Digital Marketing for Local Presence

This is yet another significant benefit of Social media outreach for businesses not on the internet.


If your company sells a product or service online but does not have an exhaustive digital marketing campaign, here is the biggest reason to do so.

If your business has an address of its own, it must be well-known in your area. Think of a dentist offering his service in his gated society.

People who search the internet daily for a dentist in that society will never get to know him or visit his clinic because he never optimized his business for Local SEO.

Go search Google for “dentist near me,” and you will see that Google makes a particular listing of dentists with destination maps, clinic names, reviews, phone numbers, etc.

This is called Google My Business, just one side of Local SEO.

You can have a Facebook page for your business, and let me tell you that with a good number of likes, you have a good chance of ranking on the first page of Google SERPs.

One of the most significant benefits of Local SEO and social media marketing is getting known in your area.

Learn more about What SEO Stands for.

ROI and Conversion Rates

Let us look at the whole marketing deal from a different viewpoint. You must agree that every business needs marketing, and depending on one’s budget and vision, there is always a marketing strategy.

Even if you aren’t running ads on print or TV media, you have a strategy to reach out to the target audience.

Let us see how well your business will deliver if we implement a proper and all-inclusive digital marketing campaign.

We are talking about conversion rate because this proves whether a marketing campaign is good.

Since we have talked enough about Facebook and Google, let us talk about another extensive and substantial social media channel: Instagram.


All you think about Instagram is hipsters and wanna-be hipsters sharing their photos and getting more and more hearts from others.


Instagram is associated with Facebook and has quickly evolved into a great marketing channel.

Here’s a small case study about how Adidas, the big sports products brand, used Instagram to get 71,000 mentions of #MyNeoShoot to promote their new brand: Neo.

Assuming that one hashtag was noticed by 20 people who did not know about Neo and its products, Adidas won the attention of 1,420,000 people only if each hashtag got seen only by 20 people.

This is the impact of digital marketing. Do you wonder how many people Adidas converted from hundreds of thousands of “hearts”? I do not have that figure, but the company got 41,000 new followers.

They considered that Instagram has a minimum 1.73% conversion rate out of 41,000 followers. They assumed that only followers converted into customers, not the people attracted by the campaign. Adidas got roughly 700+ customers. Cold hard cash!

Importance of Micro-Targeting in Digital Marketing

If there was one tremendous and straightforward answer to “Why is digital marketing important?” That would be: “Micro-targeting.”

Digital media is all about scalability. Think of a digital marketer as a drone in the air. He uses his cameras to take a closer picture of the target and then hit it with 100% precision.

You have to have a marketing campaign. Let’s quickly compare TV and Print Media.

  • You run your TV commercials in prime time and pay a fortune, but it’s not only men who watch that new razor’s ad, but women and kids. Zero targeting at a price that only a few can afford.
  • You decide to try print media, and the local newspaper robs you of your wealth for a big ad on the front page. Fine. But the problem remains the same.
  • Men are not interested in leak-proof diapers. At least unmarried men or those who have adult kids!


With Facebook or Google ads or any media for internet marketing, you can narrow down the audience and hit the exact segment you think is your target audience.

No one will see those ads, and your ad budget will not be wasted. Only people who are meant to see those ads will see them, and those too are only at a fraction of what you would pay to TV or newspapers/magazines.


Next time when someone asks you about the importance of digital marketing, tell them that it turns you into a drone of a seller and helps you hit only those who you want so badly.

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