Holiday SEO Tips

Holiday SEO Tips That Will Increase Your Sales by 36%

The holiday season is here again with its bitter-sweet feeling, especially for e-commerce sites. It’s the most wonderful time of the year but also the most challenging for these sites. Also, along with the gift-buying frenzy, the holiday season comes with intense competition between merchants and distracted, busy shoppers. Bitter-sweet, right? November and December are responsible for generating up to 36% more revenue for e-commerce sites than other months. That’s why we’ll be showing you some holiday SEO tips for building an amazing holiday SEO strategy that works in 2020. Let’s get to it, shall we?

1. Get Started With Your Pre-Journey Checklist

Before customers would decide to buy anything online, you, as a merchant, need to grab their attention. And how do you do that? Using different types of digital marketing such as email, search engines, social media, and a myriad of other channels.

While you’re trying to get their attention, don’t forget that their experience has to be seamless across these channels. This would leave that “wow” factor and even increase the conversion rates.

Additionally, on this pre-journey race to get customer’s attention, you need to take note of one thing; personalization. These customers come across thousands of ads every day. So, using personalization across omnichannel engagement, site search, and discovery helps you cut through the noise engage with potential buyers.

2. Get Active On Social Media

In this digital age, social media marketing has become a cost-effective strategy for online marketing. One of the reasons for this is how it gives you a unique opportunity to increase your visibility and build awareness for your brand without having to pay for it directly.

You can use social media to increase your eCommerce SEO during this holiday shopping season. How? By posting holiday-themed gift guides, contests, images, and other things that you can use to engage with customers and drive sales.

For posting holiday-related images on social media accounts without doing much work, we personally recommend & use drag and drop graphic design tools such as PlaceIt & Canva.

3. Implement Holiday SEO on Your Products And Category Pages

Updating your keywords and search helps with your eCommerce SEO. However, you need to be more creative than that.

Just like posting holiday-themed content on social media, you also need to add a bit of holiday “feeling” to your website. This will promote the season’s positivity to your website visitors.

You should also know & be cautious that these changes don’t have to be major. It could be as simple as color changes or header image swaps. That’s all it takes to give your site that holiday vibe.

4. Roll Out Special Holiday Offers

Special offers are customer-magnets; everybody loves a discount. We’ve seen cases of people camping outside stores for hours to get a special offer. So, why don’t you do the same thing?

On your eCommerce site, you can create the type of excitement by promoting your own special offers.

5. Have a Holiday SEO Post-Journey Engagement Plan

One mistake a lot of eCommerce sites make is forgetting to have a post-journey engagement strategy in place. Optimizing your customer’s experience doesn’t end once they’ve bought something from you. You can delight and surprise your customers with post-sales offers.

Shipping and delivery play vital roles in creating a great customer experience since they are the physical link between your customer’s home and your site. Give your customers a memorable experience, and they’ll keep coming back.

Also, returns and exchanges and customer service allow you to foster referrals and customer loyalty. But a lot of eCommerce site owners overlook this and see it as additional costs.

To Wrap It Up

The holiday season brings in shoppers. So, why not take full advantage of it with holiday SEO tips to boost your eCommerce SEO? If you need help with your Search Engine Optimization, contact our NJ SEO Company for a free consultation today.

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