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Wowbix is specialized in helping healthcare practices develop better, more engaging websites that rank well. Our years of experience and technical know-how will help us bring more traffic to your site, highlight your practice’s strengths, and offer potential patients the confidence they need to give you a call.

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You spend your life helping others. Why not let us help you​?

Your patients have Googled their symptoms. They know they need to see someone. And they’re searching for the best healthcare practices in your area. But when they type in your specialty, will they see your site? Or will it be lost on pages four or five of Google’s rankings?

It doesn’t matter how great your bedside manner or how effective your prescriptions, without a quality, well-maintained online presence, your medical practice will miss out on patients. It’s as simple as that. But you don’t have to let potential clients slip through your fingertips.

Our healthcare marketing agency provides a variety of services, including…

Healthcare brand development NJ
Your brand is more than an attractive logo or a consistent set of colors. It’s every image you use. It’s the stories you tell with your copy. It’s your voice, your personality, and everything else that your practice represents to the people who come to you for their healthcare needs. We’ll help you develop every aspect of your brand identity so that clients notice you, choose you, and stay loyal to you.
We can create a compelling, mobile-friendly website for your practice that will meet clients where they are – on Google. And by implementing a strategic approach to website development and SEO, you’ll be sure to get more organic traffic than ever before, decreasing the need for unseemly advertising budgets.
Healthcare Website design development NJ
Healthcare SEO NJ
Organic traffic is the holy grail of your digital marketing efforts. It enables your business to be seen by millions of people without paying every time someone clicks on an ad. But without a comprehensive and coherent SEO strategy, your site will never achieve organic traffic success. We’ll help you develop and implement a plan that will extend your reach by moving your site up the search rankings – to the very first step.
Long-term, you want a site that will bring in organic traffic. But the reality is, PPC advertising is still one of the best ways to quickly drive traffic and build a customer base. We’ll do the market research needed to craft PPC campaigns that work – boosting traffic exponentially without killing your ad budget.
Medical PPC NJ
Healthcare Social Media Marketing NJ
Social media has become one of the driving factors in the decisions people make, whether what kind of coffee to buy, or where to see a doctor. We’ll help you leverage the power of social media to bring in new customers and connect with old ones.
Over the past decade, the video has become the medium of choice for digital citizens to stay connected with friends, get their news, and enjoy entertainment. That’s why it’s become such a vital part of any overarching digital marketing strategy. We can help you develop engaging, informative, and entertaining videos you need to connect with your audience at a deeper level.
Healthcare Video Production Firm NJ

Healthcare Marketing Case Study

As a healthcare marketing agency in NJ, we’ve helped dozens of practices just like yours extend their reach and develop deeper connections with their patients. Here are some examples of how we’ve accomplished it…
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#1: A Website Overhaul that Led to a 300% Jump in Traffic!

The Client:

A physician-based aesthetic medicine company in New Jersey that creates and sells injectables and other professional skin care products and services.

The Challenge:

Before coming to us, they’d had their site designed and launched. Unfortunately, their web developers were unable to implement an e-commerce solution that would enable them to sell their products directly from their site. Besides, their SEO was subpar and leaving them way behind the competition.

Our Solution:

We took their website and completely overhauled it with WordPress, adding an e-commerce platform that could handle the online sales this client craved. Then, we trained him in the use of WordPress, a simple content management solution that anyone can quickly learn. This way, he can add products, create blogs, and manage orders without relying on a third party. Finally, we developed and executed a comprehensive SEO strategy that was designed to boost organic traffic.

The Results:

Our client immediately saw a spike in traffic (by 300%!) and in sales. Since his new site went up, he’s been able to maintain it with no major issues. We are still working with them on their SEO strategy and hoping to see their organic traffic and sales increase even more.

#2: One IVF Clinic’s Search for an Affordable, Well-Designed Website

The Client:

The Client: A 25-year-old fertility treatment center based out of central New Jersey.

The Challenge:

As an IVF treatment center, they didn’t have a huge budget for website development or digital ad spend. They’d talked with web design firm after web design firm but couldn’t find the right solution for them. Too many options were simply too expensive. And many of the others didn’t understand the particular needs of an IVF center’s online presence.

Our Solution:

As a marketing firm with years of experience in the healthcare sector, we understood their needs precisely. And our flexible design and developer options made finding a reasonable, transparent price for them a simple affair. In short, we were able to develop a site that met their needs at a budget they could afford.

The Results:

They not only loved their newly designed website that was custom built for them, they’ve kept us on as their company of choice for monthly maintenance.

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