Try Facebook Lead Generation Ads To Grow Your Business! [4 Tips]

With millions of users on Facebook, it provides you with the platform to reach more customers. This is the major reason why a lot of businesses are prioritizing Facebook marketing. Choosing the wrong strategy, objective, budget, or placement may result in your ad performing poorly, which thereby leads to a waste of resources. Fortunately, there are Facebook Lead Generation Ads to help you solve your problem!

What Are Facebook Lead Generation Ads?

Understanding your ideal customer is important if you want to cater to the needs of your clients. The best way to go about this is to include a few questions in the ads because those who click on your ads are those who are likely to patronize you.

What Facebook lead ads help you do is to allow you to include forms in your campaign to help people share some basic details with you. Facebook helps you to automatically pre-fill some sections of these forms to increase the number of completed forms.

To create a Facebook lead generation ad, follow the following steps:

Go to Facebook Ads Manager and click on ‘Create.’

Facebook Ads Manager

Pick ‘Lead Generation’ from the list — the main objective of this to target those who are considering starting the customer journey.

Facebook Lead Generation

Specify your ad set. Then specify your audience, placement, schedule, and budget.

Specify your Facebook ad set

Then specify the demographics, interests, etc. based on the audience you’re hoping to reach.

Setting up Facebook demographics, audience and interests

Leave placement set at Automatic.

Facebook Ad Placement Set

Set your ad budget and, finally, set your ad design.

Tips to generate Business from Facebook lead generation ads

  • Offer A Free Product Or Service

No one rejects free things, so make sure you attract an audience with those incentives. You can then use your generation forms to collect their contact information and then use those data collected to guide them through their customer journey. Those who you’ve given free items will automatically begin to patronize your brand.

  • Ask Questions

Using qualified leads is your sure bet to getting more leads. Ensure you use your generation forms to ask those qualifying questions. You can use a contact information form to connect with a lead via a survey. This will provide you with valuable details about them.

  • Use Videos

You can build a powerful brand by using videos to deliver your messages. Also, you can use videos to attract your audience and encourage them to click on your Call-To-Action (CTA); this is made possible through leads.

It is advisable to place your CTA early on in the video and make it anticipatory; this is because only a third of Facebook users watch videos to the very end.

  • Use Mobile And SMS

Generation forms have features that help to simplify the customer experience. Ensure you include a feature that is available on mobile phones. This is because many people spend more time on their mobile phones these days.

Also, including an SMS feature will provide you with a better tool to interact with leads.

Wrapping It Up

Facebook is becoming a huge mine where many businesses are getting a lot of promotions. With Facebook lead generation ads, you’ll be reaching more audience than you can imagine. If you need any help with social media or Facebook marketing, just contact us today!

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