Facebook Algorithm Update to Fight Misleading Health Claims

Everybody loves sensational content that turns into a joke online. But if it becomes about a health issue, the results are not usually funny. However, Facebook, being the progressively friendly community, has taken action to cleanse the timelines.

In short, scam health products have no future on Facebook, and you, the worthy business owner in health niche need to phrase your posts better.

In the business perspective, no doubt Facebook marketing helps you reach the exclusively targeted audience, increase sales, and grow revenue. But it happens only if you stay updated and pay close attention to how the Facebook algorithm actually works.

Recently, Facebook has been updating its algorithms quite often. In addition to updated terms of services. A renovated mobile formatting for ads and release of organic targeted posts. Facebook has come forward with an update to rid your customers’ timelines of exaggerated and misleading health claims that usually lead to health disasters.

How Does the New Algorithm work?

Facebook has made some ranking changes for the posts about health; fitness, nutrition, skincare, etc. The new algorithm is supposed to filter the posts with the help of some keywords and phrases that have been previously identified with misleading health claims in Facebook posts. It will be monitoring if any post is falsely exaggerating a health claim without any trustable source to back it. Also, if any product; medicines, exercise manual, the nutrition plan is being sold on the base of these deceptive claims.

How will it Affect Your Business on Facebook?

If you have been using the said kind of posts to do business on Facebook. Your posts will be denied reach and interactions resulting in the disappearance from your audience’s timelines unless they scroll down to eternity. However, it will not, in any way, affect your overall Facebook business page.

What Should You Do To Help Your Health-Related Business to Avoid it?

Not all businesses in health niche deliberately try to trick their audience into buying their miraculous claims by playing with their insecurities. However, you might like to clearly describe what you talk about or what you sale on Facebook.

As we don’t know what the keywords and phrases are that the new Facebook algorithm will be using to filter posts. You need to be careful about how you phrase your ad copy.

Your products might be FDA approved and highly recommended in the market. But one non-justifiable claim on Facebook can make you lose business.

You can no longer sell pills saying “Get the Hulk energy within 3 days” or “Get Angelina Julie Body in a Week” or that your grandmother told you about a recipe that reduces hair fall, but you don’t have a trustable source to link it to.

Anything that violates the basic community rules of business in the health niche will travel down to the dungeons if you don’t pay attention.

Wowbix is here to help you with your Facebook marketing strategy. And we are well informed of all the Facebook algorithm updates coming through. If you can’t figure things out on your own, invest your money wisely, and seek help.

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