5 Effective Branding Techniques for Small Businesses to Adopt in 2020

Are you known in Atlantic County yet? For new small businesses, it can be challenging to make their mark in tight-knit communities such as Atlantic County in NJ, USA. That shouldn’t be any reason not to try. You simply need to know the effective branding techniques to get yourself noticed. We narrowed them down for you.

Use Local Talent

You can achieve multiple branding goals by simply making the right decision in using local talent:

  • You’ll connect with other local business personalities so you’ll build your network
  • Your brand gets exposure with local business’ employees who may end up being your clients in future
  • Give yourself the luxury of discussing business in person, rather than via email or phone

Why is the latter so important? Yes, you function in a world driven by technology and you can talk to people all over the globe. But for certain services quality communication is necessary so your service provider or supplier understands your exact goal.

In-depth discussions about what your website should look like or what your logo needs to represent are better-done face to face. Hiring local marketing agencies or graphic designers, therefore, makes sense since they are well aware of the latest marketing trends.

Stay Relevant—What do People Care About?

You won’t scroll down an Atlantic County newsreel without coming across news about the environment. Whether it’s about cleanliness at the beach or in local parks, the focus is on maintaining a healthy living environment for all.

As a business, you would do well to connect with these themes in your branding. Make sure one of your values relates to sustainable business practices.

Connect with People’s Hearts—Support Local Projects

peoples-heartIn branding techniques, it’s not enough to talk about something only. You need to go into action. Have you volunteered at a local clean-up drive or sponsored a community project?

Because the environment is something that most Atlantic County residents value, you’ll easily find online notices or news about upcoming events. Be pro-active and let them know you want to be part of the next one.

Remember that for branding your face is as important as the money or products you sponsor. Giving out branded sun hats during a beach clean up will make people remember you, but if you’re not there doing the hard work too they’ll doubt your true intentions.

Branding is about showcasing what your business values, so make sure you send the right messages when you have the opportunity to connect with locals.

Cross Promotion with the Right Partners

It’s not only local residents that you should engage with. What about other businesses?

First of all, you need to show your support for local, established entities. You should see how your service or product can align with these companies’ goals.

For instance, with Atlantic County’s long, rich history in wineries and breweries you have various options. By getting an elegant logo for your liquor store for example you can create a persona for your brand. You can then associate your brand with luxury living or help these older companies function better in the modern world. Or can you get involved with the popular casino industry? What do you have to offer?

Secondly, a dynamic branding technique is to launch a cross-promotion campaign with these well-known companies. An important technique in branding is to partner with well-known brands so you gain respect through association.

Conclusion: Never Stop Networking

Here’s an important tip: a branding process is ongoing, for as long as your business exists. With the help of Atlantic County’s small business center, you can get started. Also use this platform continues to network at events, gain more skills through provided training and making sure your business stays one step ahead of the competition.

Ready for action now?