The Most Important Digital Marketing Trends to Follow in 2020

The Most Important Digital Marketing Trends to Follow in 2020

The curve of the road:

2020 is here; you can feel its cold and last breaths on your face. These are days when everyone starts thinking about the next year.

Marketers are no exception. If we look at digital marketing, it has not remained the same as it was back in 2015 or 16.

Each year comes with new challenges and gifts wrapped in its long cloak. Not too long ago we witnessed the rise of Google+ as a big social media channel that could challenge the hegemony of Facebook.

And in 2018 the state of denial finally reached its end and Google made an official statement about the end of Google+.

The reason was a big security breach. But perhaps that just proved to be that last damned straw on the camel’s back and the game was already over.

In anticipation of big and positive developments in the digital media in 2019. We write this detailed guide on the most important digital marketing trends that have either already struck the market or will hit it in 2019.

Live Greeting/Business Website Chat Will Play a Big Role

One of the most important digital marketing trends that will not only play a major role in the world of digital marketing but would also transform into a new form, is the greeting or live chat on websites.

This is one of the most efficient ways to talk to the customers who come to your website and engage them in a more interactive and real way.


In 2019, the interactive live chat for business purposes would be totally taken over by Chatbots and the way Chatbots will make it easier for your business to communicate with prospective clients will definitely change the dynamics of digital marketing.

You can customize them the way you want and then it will be totally depending on your customized tweak as to what brand image your live greeting will make.

Scalability will Replace Hogwash Claims

The freelancing world and the world of digital skills (especially SEO and Internet Marketing) had this huge gap and due to that gap, clients were unable to trust new freelancers or digital marketing experts or companies.

That gap was created by hogwash claims and zero credibility. The RoI, the scalability, and the truth were totally missing.

So you must have seen the marketers who bring facts from thin air “Brad made $695,588 last year because of the funnels that I created for his SaaS product.”

Fine, who is Brad? What is evidence of the truthfulness of your claims? What did you do? Any evidence that there existed a real business that you benefited with your digital marketing?


This will not remain anymore. 2019 would be the year in which augmented reality and scalability will be the words that you will get to hear the most.

Digital marketers would be no longer making figures out of thin air and just like GoPro is proving the worth of its products and the existence of a whole community. The marketers would have to validated claims with evidence, real numbers, digit proof, and stuff like that.

Artificial Intelligence

AI and Machine Learning:

We all know that they are relevant in SEO now because Google depends a lot on these two technological innovations.


Now digital marketing as a whole is going to be affected by AI. AI will be helping digital companies, in 2019, to segment the traffic that is useful and only pitches your products to that traffic.

The way AI analyzes traffic choices, behaviors, and interests will help digital marketers find the most potential segment of the visitors and then turn them into customers.

Facebook Algorithm

In 2018 already, Facebook’s algorithm started to look more like Google’s algorithm.

Facebook is moving to a more personal and positive experience for people. So the friends and family posts are not getting more exposure.

In 2019, Facebook’s algorithm will grow more like Google. And updates will render many Facebook businesses and pages restricted for unhealthy or unfair advantages that they previously had because of Facebook’s lenient control.

We know that in 2018. Many pages with million+ fans were permanently removed by Facebook only because of these updates in policy that reflected in updates of an algorithm.


Since the past few years have proved pretty phenomenal in bringing more and more data-driven strategies in the realm of digital marketing. The personalization is only going to be at its peak in 2019.

Voice search is a thing of the past; we are looking at a time when marketing technology will use AI and Machine Learning to understand the needs and aims of each and every individual in the target group to make the most out of marketing campaigns.

You will get to see more personalized content and personalize marketing approaches in 2019.

Specialized Approach

I remember:

A year ago, I used to be a content/copywriter with all sorts of tools e.g. email, blog post, landing page, press release, website content, etc. for all sorts of niches e.g. law and digital marketing and eCommerce and technology, etc.

And now:

At the end of 2018, I have pulled my socks to become a specialist of one or two maximum niches. I’d give a kick goodbye to all other niches and specialization is known to make 3x the total income of a freelancer.

2019 is going to be the year of the Specialized Approach in marketing.

Not only you should define (whether you are a company or a person) as to which one is the one digital marketing form and forum that you are a master of. But you also have to learn to choose and target one particular medium for the particular needs of your company.


If your client is a Women’s clothing brand, instead of wasting your time on all social media channels and SEO (hoping to find one magic wand that will do) you should channelize your efforts toward one, big and best channel as per the case.

In the case of such a business, Instagram marketing is much better than Facebook. So, specialized marketing is the future.

If you read this post hoping to learn how video marketing will play a better role or how mobile devices will change marketing, sorry to disappoint you but those are old topics. In 2020, marketing will grow leaps and bounds and we need to look at real big changes.

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