Business Card

Business Card Do’s and Don’ts

In today’s business world, the use of the business card is getting hugely common and is one of the most used tools as well. No matter whether it is about the CEO of a big multinational company or the CEO of a small newly established company, business cards play a vital role in the active medium of communication and marketing tools.

But do you know how you can make the use of business cards? What are the major dos and don’ts to follow upon in the business cards? Well, here we have the complete requisite knowledge about it! Let’s have a whole discussion about it!

The business card is one of the most used and least understood tools in business today. Whether CEO of a Fortune 500 Company or founder and part-time CEO of a web-based start-up, the business card is an effective communication and marketing tool. But like any tool, it must be used properly.

The do’s and don’ts of business card etiquette, while not the key to wealth and success are helpful to prosper in a business or organization of any size.

What is Business Card all about?

If you are employed in working for some small scale business or with some large organizations, the way of styling and format of the business cards would be decided entirely for you. If you have your own business established, then considering choosing the business cards in traditional shaping and sizing is important enough. You should have them printed straight away with all your contact company information along with the company logo as well as company name and tagline too.

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When should you Carry Business Cards?

If you are going on some recreational activities or participating in some sports, you should carry some business cards with you. You should not limit them to carry along with you in the working days, or some office or some business functions.

How should you Carry Business Cards?

Some of the people favor carrying the business cards in a loose form in their pockets or the purses. The best way should be taking it in the type of business card casing. They are manufactured in the metal or the material of leather. You can choose the leather one that is made from the COACH, and it has always served the users at best. Metal ones would be much acceptable until and unless it would not be larger than the sizing of the business cards.

When should you offer your business card?

There are specific best times when you should be offering your business cards. Some of the pivotal moments are:

  • When someone would be asking your card
  • When you would be asking others for their business cards
  • Asking a client for a card at the end of the meeting
  • If someone wants your contact number for business purposes
  • You can also offer it to someone who needs it.

Major Don’ts of business Cards:

  • You should not be giving your business card to any person who does not seem to be professional in your eyes.
  • Don’t give your business card to anyone who does not demand it.

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