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7 fundamental keys to Mobile Marketing in 2020

It’s a fact. Mobile devices have become an indispensable part of the digital universe. So much so that according to the latest data from Statista. From 2019 to 2023, these devices will reach 16.8 billion users worldwide.

Mobile Marketing Statistics

We spend about 4 hours daily connected to our mobile devices, and large companies have already realized this paradigm shift. Therefore, they have made mobile marketing one of the most important ways to grow their brands, be competitive, and increase their profits.

This post shows you the seven fundamental keys marking – Mobile Marketing today. And that teaches you why being present on smartphones has become the most significant business opportunity since the invention of Web pages.

Mobile First Index

Do you know what the Mobile-First Index is? This is the first indispensable key to revolutionizing mobile marketing strategies worldwide.

In 2018 Google changed its algorithm for indexing Web pages, realizing the significant change in trend that had occurred in users. The use of mobile phones far surpassed that of the desktop computer to surf the Internet. A trend that, moreover, is only increasing month after month.

Because of this, Google decided to reward sites that consider the mobile user experience. And what did this mean? Well, either company begins to adapt to this new mobile Reality, or it won’t be accessible to position and be visible on the network.

To this end, Google also launched progressive technology, or Progressive Web Apps, which combines the best of both worlds: native applications and Web pages.

They are designed to replace the responsive websites of the past. PWA offers fast, highly optimized, and secure user experiences, generating engagement that reduces the distance between Websites and Native Apps.

Now, users demand immediacy and content adapted to their devices and navigation through a Smartphone. For this purpose, Native Mobile Applications and Progressive Web Apps (PWA) have become the best technology currently on the market.

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In fact, at my New Jersey Web Design Agency. We are working to fix all the websites that we created in the past for our clients to make sure they are mobile-friendly.

Mobile Apps for Business

Apps have become indispensable tools for communication between brands and customers. Therefore, developing a mobile application for a brand – regardless of sector or size – is the star trend in this new Mobile Era.

Think about it. We use them for everything: managing finances, buying products, reading the news, doing sports… The possibilities are endless. And the most important thing. Users demand it.

But Apps go much further. They have become the Holistic Marketing tool par excellence.

Holistic Marketing

Well, you’re wondering what Holistic Marketing is and why mobile applications have become an excellent tool for this strategy.

Apps promote the Holistic Growth Cycle that helps businesses to grow integrally in each of the areas that make it up: acquisition, experience, acquisition, loyalty, and promotion.

In this way, the application allows any SME to grow thanks exponentially to the fact that, with an excellent holistic marketing strategy, the App becomes a handy and exciting tool for users, making them promote it so that more and more people use its popularity increases and it.

In this way, thanks to a mobile App, the business can grow exponentially and continuously.

5G connectivity

Suppose 4G connectivity has brought brands numerous benefits and possibilities within smartphones. Such as streaming video, programmatic marketplaces, artificial intelligence, and the first drafts of augmented Reality and virtual Reality. 5G technology will mean an invaluable advance for Mobile Marketing.

This year we have already seen in the market some models of smartphones that incorporate 5G technology. Companies such as Vodafone launched a commercial network in Spain only a few months ago with this type of connectivity in the main cities of our country.

What will 5G technology allow? It is estimated that this robust connectivity will permit, among others, marketers to process data so powerfully that they can further customize the content and targeting of ads in real-time.

On the other hand, users will experience greater capacity and connection speed resulting in more optimized services that offer added value.

As for video, it will be the king of the Internet, and it is estimated that it will become 90% of all 5G traffic over the next ten years. This represents an excellent opportunity for developing Mobile Marketing strategies that can address higher quality content and value to connect with your target audience deeply.

Video: The King of Content

As we pointed out, video has become the undisputed protagonist to broadcast content this year.

According to Econsultancy, 96% of consumers prefer to see video content before any other format type.

And concerning SEO, 62% of the content that appears in the top positions of Google are videos. Yes… more than half!

Most interestingly, the audience for video content from mobile devices has increased by 170% since 2013. And these figures will continue to rise in the coming years.

In this context, the most effective mobile marketing strategies will be those that take full advantage of this trend to connect with their target audience through all the resources that video makes available.

The most important platforms are Facebook Watch and IGTV Instagram.

Augmented Reality Apps

For some users, it’s still a mystery how Augmented Reality applications will change their lives a few years from now.

Augmented Reality is a powerful technology that seeks to complement our Reality by superimposing layers of elements on the environment in which we find ourselves at that moment, but without isolating us from this Reality.

Currently, it can be achieved thanks to elements such as specialized glasses and a mobile phone or tablet.

It has become essential for mobile advertisements and purchases from social platforms. Google, Facebook, and Apple are currently dominating this market.

Social Commerce

As the last key to Mobile Marketing in 2023, it is essential to discuss Social Commerce. It will become necessary for companies that want to continue succeeding in Internet sales.

According to Gartner, 66% of brands adopted social commerce strategies in platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Snapchat to acquire customers, increase awareness, generate leads, and increase engagement.

To develop this trend, it will be essential to use new formats such as product cards, collectible pins, or chatbots.

Google Micromoments

Do you know what a micro menu is? Google coined this term. This refers to those moments of need that people experience at many times of the day to consult the smartphone to solve a problem.

These moments last a few seconds but generate a powerful feeling of need in the users. This new pattern of behavior affects 91% of people and shows an apparent reality. They are changing the rules of the game for both consumers and brands.

Companies will have to make an effort to personalize their actions towards a specific user and adjust it to the moment in which that user is.

For example, a driving user will find receiving information through a voice message better. But one in the middle of a meeting will see a text message as more helpful.

Final Words on Mobile Marketing:

These seven keys will be fundamental in developing Mobile Marketing strategies for the coming years. As we are seeing, significant changes are taking place quickly, and companies are increasingly at stake.

Therefore, only brands that know how to take advantage of new trends adapt to and use them effectively. Will be able to remain in an increasingly competitive and changing market.