5 Internet Marketing Strategies You Must Use This Holiday

 A study conducted in 2017 disclosed that eCommerce witnessed an 18 percent increase in sales during the holiday season and another 35 percent increase in mobile sales as well.

Holiday seasons are very important periods for business owners and marketers. Why? Well, it is the perfect period where consumers and clients are willing to get themselves items to make the holiday period memorable for themselves and their families.

If you’ve not leveraged on the incentives Holiday Internet Marketing has got to offer, then your business is probably missing out on a lot of potential sales. Making adequate plans for the holiday will give you an edge over your competition. These 5 Internet marketing strategies your business could use to generate more sales this holiday season:

    1. Look Back In Time

Just because old marketing strategies and plans didn’t work in the past doesn’t mean you should abandon them. You can actually analyze those old marketing strategies, pick out reasons why they didn’t work out, and either correct them or change them.

The most important thing is to learn lessons from why they failed.

    1. Include Free Shipping Campaign

Offering to ship products for consumers for free is one of the most Innovative Holiday Marketing Strategies business owners can employ to marketing their eCommerce effectively. Statistics revealed that 79 percent of consumers admitted that were free shipping available; they’ll increase the rate at which they shop online.

Another 24 percent say they’ll increase their shopping volume to reach the required price point threshold that will earn them free shipping. Free shipping during your holiday marketing campaign will help you to sell more.

    1. Spread The Holiday Message On Social Media

No matter how formal your business is, you should loosen up during the holiday period. Ensure to inject some life into your social media platform. During holidays, consumers are more receptive to ads than any other period.

Also, ensure to amplify your visuals for the holiday season, this will increase the success of your holiday marketing campaign.

    1. Work On Your SEO

During the holiday period, your holiday marketing strategy should be geared towards reaching as many customers as possible. One way this can be done is to inculcate phrases like ‘Free shipping,’ ‘holiday sale,’ and ‘discount sale this holiday’ will help increase your ranking on search engines.

Also, be attentive to your blog posts, and tailor those keywords that are driving the most traffic to your site to the holiday season.

    1. Use Retargeting Ads

It is a well-known stat that 96 percent of first-time Internet users aren’t prepared to make any sort of purchase. That is why retargeting advertisements are used by wise marketers to reengage online visitors until they make a purchase.

Luckily, Google or Facebook provides the third-party platform in which retargeting ads can be done.

Wrapping It Up

The holiday presents a unique opportunity for your build to get more patronage and make more sales through these effective internet holiday marketing strategies. If you need any help with your holiday marketing strategies, contact us today!

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